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Moving Beyond Marketplaces Part 2: Making the Leap to Owning Customer Relationships

Moving Beyond Marketplaces Part 2: Making the Leap to Owning Customer Relationships

Marketplaces have made it easier than ever for service providers to connect with potential customers. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner in your field, marketplaces offer a platform where you can showcase your skills, reach a wide audience, and get a steady stream of business.

But imagine a world where you have total control over your customer relationships, where you get to know your clients better, and where you tailor your offerings to fit their unique needs.

Sounds great, right? This is where Dayslice comes in. Our platform empowers you to make a leap to owning your customer relationships, while still leveraging the benefits of marketplaces for lead generation.

We're here to show you how you can start building a more direct, rewarding relationship with your customers using Dayslice, without totally parting ways with your favorite marketplaces. Here are 6 tips to help you make the leap:

1. Start Small

Moving trusted customer relationships from a marketplace to your Dayslice page doesn't have to be a big, risky move. Start small by introducing your most loyal customers to your Dayslice page.

Let them know about the benefits they'll enjoyโ€”like personalized sessions and direct communication. Because many marketplaces also charge both sides a fee, you can also provide compelling discounts if they book direct while simultaneously earning more.

2. Provide Unmatched Value

Demonstrate to your clients that they'll get more value by booking through your Dayslice page. Tailor your services to their unique needs, provide personalized content, and offer promotions exclusive to your Dayslice clients.

You can use the discount codes feature to easily create custom promotions. 

3. Leverage Marketplaces for Lead Generation

All that being said, you don't have to abandon marketplaces altogether. They are excellent tools for discovering new leads. Once you've established a relationship with a new customer through a marketplace, introduce them to your Dayslice page, where they can have a more personalized, enhanced experience.

That being said, we know that it can feel a bit nerve-wracking to move your customers off marketplaces. Here's an easy way to approach the conversation:

Hi [Client Name], I wanted to share some exciting news! I've set up a page on Dayslice, a platform that lets us manage our appointments directly, cutting out the extra steps or potential confusion that sometimes happens on [Marketplace Name].

With Dayslice, I can offer better rates since we're bypassing middleman fees. Plus, the platform has a straightforward booking process designed for an enhanced customer experience. Let me know what you think, and if you'd be open to using this new booking method!

4. Showcase Your Unique Brand

With Dayslice, you have the freedom to express your unique brand fully. Show your clients what sets you apart from other service providers on the marketplace. A unique brand can drive customer loyalty and make your services more memorable.

Need some guidance on how to approach setting up and branding your page? Check out our guide. 

5. Offer More Than Just Services

Starting to set up a presence beyond a marketplace is a great opportunity to diversify your offerings rather than simply offering what fits into the mold of a specific marketplace's focus.

For example, if you typically only have offered 1:1 sessions in the past, consider adding digital goods to your Dayslice page. These can be guides, tutorials, templates, or any other valuable content related to your service. Not only can they provide additional value to your customers, but they can also serve as a lead magnet, attracting new clients.

Taking the leap to owning your customer relationships doesn't mean leaving marketplaces behind. Instead, it's about using all available tools to their fullest potential. Marketplaces can help you find new leads, while Dayslice enables you to cultivate these relationships, provide personalized experiences, and grow your independent business.

In conclusion, embracing a more direct relationship with your customers isn't just good for your businessโ€”it's also rewarding for your clients. It's a win-win situation, and we're here at Dayslice to help you make that leap.

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