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How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant on Dayslice

How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant on Dayslice

As you see posts on social media about people needing a virtual assistant, all you have to do is send them your Dayslice link. Dayslice is a platform for services entrepreneurs to monetize their expertise and time, and that includes virtual assistants.

Having a short (1o or 15-minute) Intro or Discovery call available on your Dayslice profile can give potential clients an easy way to connect and get to know you. On top of that, your bio and social links can give potential clients a great picture of who you are as a person, not just another contractor.

The beauty of using a Dayslice link in these situations is that you can skip the back and forth of setting up a time, and just give those potential clients instant access to start the process.

Here are 6 types of offerings in the virtual assistant niche that you can use on Dayslice to earn extra income:

Schedule and Email Management 💡

💵 $150 💻 2 hrs

People will book you to get help managing their schedule and email inboxes.

Research 📥

💵 $100 💻 2 hrs

Sometimes people need a thought partner to help navigate a current challenge. They'll book this session with you to help them research topics for their business.

Translation Services 🔎

💵 $100 💻 2 hrs

People will book this session with you when they want specific translation work done in a language you're proficient in.

Data Scraping 📊

💵 $300 💻1 hr

People will book this sessions with you to describe a data scraping task they would like done, which you can complete for them.

Remote Odd-Jobs 👋

💵 $100 💻 1.5 hrs

Business owners and entrepreneurs will book this session with you to get help performing remote odd jobs that are unique or specific to their business.

1:1 Personal Introduction 🤝

💵 $100 💻 1.5 hrs

People can book this session to get to know you and your expertise, and all of the types of tasks you can assist with.

Try creating some of these events on your Dayslice page ⬇️

How to make money as a Virtual Assistant on Dayslice

Key Mindset Shift: Your follower count doesn't matter - it's all about the client count. Figure out what your ideal number of clients is, and focus on that. Keep your marketing tied to your business objectives, not vanity metrics like followers.

A Community-Based Approach

Communities are the most effective way to build or grow anything in today's world. There are 4 core pillars that organic communities are organized around, and a personal brand isn't one of them. There is a big difference between a community and an audience - with a community, you're fostering connections between other members.

An helpful Dayslice visualization of Community vs Audience

Communities are united around Niche Interests, Trending Topics, Specific Problems, or Identities. Read more about these 4 in our blog post about how to figure out which one applies to your community.

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3 Free Growth Strategies for Solopreneurs

Nobody wants to use ads to grow their business these days and frankly word-of-mouth and referrals cost zero dollars, but will bring in the highest-value customers any day of the week. Here's 3 other free strategies you can use:

  • Join relevant slack communities, subreddits, or Facebook Groups.
  • Generate Evergreen SEO Content.
  • Find your top social media channel and really invest some time into it.

Read more about these tactics in our 3 Ways to Make More Money With Your Side Hustle Without Spending a Dollar blog post.

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