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How Software Engineers Use Dayslice

How Software Engineers Use  Dayslice

If you work in software engineering, chances are you've run into some scenarios where you could pick up some extra income or help people by offering up some of your time to teach skills, quality-check work, or mentor someone.

Dayslice is a SaaS product for services entrepreneurs to easily offer services. Here are example offerings that software engineers have launched of Dayslice:

Project Working Session šŸ’”

šŸ’µ $250 šŸ’» 1.5 hrs

People will book a pair programming session with you where you'll work together on a big project or current coding challenges.

New Skill Workshop šŸ“„

šŸ’µ $200 šŸ’» 1 hr

Sometimes people need a thought partner to help navigate a current engineering challenge. They'll book this session with you to improve their skills in this area.

Testing & QA Session šŸ”Ž

šŸ’µ $250 šŸ’» 1.5 hrs

People will book this session with you when they want a review of their current product or experience, and you can provide quality testing.

Product Consultation šŸ“Š

šŸ’µ $150 šŸ’» 2 hrs

Founders and entrepreneuers will book this session with you to get guidance on the best ways to build their product with the resources they have.

Programmer AMA šŸ‘‹

šŸ’µ $100 šŸ’» 1 hr

People have questions about programming tips and best practices. They can book this session with you to pick your brain!

1:1 Developer Coaching šŸ¤

šŸ’µ $150 šŸ’» 1 hr

Sometimes people newer to programming need help levelling up their skills or job opportunities. They'll book this session with you to get coaching in this area!

Try creating some of these events on your Dayslice page! ā¬‡ļø

How to make money as a Software Engineer on Dayslice

Key Mindset Shift: Your follower count doesn't matter - it's all about the client count. Figure out what your ideal number of clients is, and focus on that. Keep your marketing tied to your business objectives, not vanity metrics like followers.

The Community-Based Approach

Communities are the most effective way to build or grow anything in today's world, and I don't mean a place on the internet to spam self-promotional content to a captive audience. A community fosters connections between members, otherwise you're just building an audience.

An helpful Dayslice visualization of Community vs Audience

Communities are united around Niche Interests, Trending Topics, Specific Problems, or Identities. Read more about these 4 in our blog post about how to figure out which one applies to your community.

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3 Zero-Cost Growth Tactics for Solopreneurs

Nobody wants to use ads to grow their business if they don't have to. And frankly, word-of-mouth and referrals cost zero dollars but will bring in the highest-value customers over paid channels, any day of the week. Here's 3 other zero-cost growth tactics you can use:

  • Join relevant slack communities, subreddits, or Facebook Groups.
  • Generate Evergreen SEO Content.
  • Find your top social media channel and really invest some time into it.
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