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The Definitive Guide to Calendar Link Etiquette

The Definitive Guide to Calendar Link Etiquette

Calendar links have rapidly grown in popularity, but there has also been a fair share of moral outrage and resistance to the new technology. Calendly has led the way for widespread use of scheduling links, and has therefore faced much of the pushback.

Following the more recent Calendly controversy on Twitter, we decided that it's about time for some definitive guidelines on calendar link etiquette.

And before you ask yes, it is that serious for some people๐Ÿ˜ณ

Exhibit A: (no, we don't expect you to read all that)

The Tweet that sparked the latest Calendly controversy

Consent is the first rule of calendar links. Always make sure the other person indicates a desire to meet before you send a scheduling link.

If the other person hasnโ€™t expressed a desire to talk or meet or consented to a meeting, then sending your calendar link will put them in the uncomfortable position of having to either decline or feel pressured to schedule a meeting with you.

Always wait until there's a clear interest in meeting before introducing your calendar link into a communication.

"It depends on the nature of the conversation. If I do not have an established relationship with the person or if we have never talked before, yes it seems presumptuous to just send me a link, especially if is it about their services they want me to pay for." - @amandasindallas

Rule #2 - Always leave room for an alternative

Calendar links are not quite as ubiquitous as other forms of technology, so you'll encounter plenty of people who have never interacted with a scheduling link.

It will be even more common to meet people who have never used or even heard of the specific tool that you use for your calendar link. Since people have varying levels of trust with clicking on unrecognized links or using software that they don't know, it's polite to leave room for an alternative.

Following these 2 rules will set you up for success with using your calendar link to smooth out digital social interactions!

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