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Setting Up a Dayslice Page that Maximizes Bookings

Setting Up a Dayslice Page that Maximizes Bookings

How you set up your Dayslice page can make a significant difference in your booking rates. Today, we're walking you through the essential tips to creating an irresistible Dayslice page, which not only showcases your skills but also makes it easier for potential clients to hit that "Book Now" button. Let's get started!

1. Craft a Compelling but Succinct Bio

Your bio is your chance to introduce yourself and highlight your expertise. Be sure to clearly articulate who you are, what you do, and why someone should book a session with you. Remember, clarity and brevity are keyβ€”provide enough detail to be informative, but keep it succinct to maintain engagement.

Challenge: keep your bio to less than 5 sentences to ensure it's not an information overload for booking guests
Just 2 sentences to get to the heart of it! First sentence is a snapshot of who I am and the second sentence explains why someone would decide to book with me.

If you have a strong online presence on other platforms, leverage it! Including links to your professional social media profiles can provide additional context about you and your services. Just ensure the content you're sharing aligns with the image you're portraying on Dayslice.

3. Choose Accessible Branding Colors

Color can significantly impact how users perceive your brand. Opt for accessible and friendly colors that don't sacrifice readability. Light colors might look clean and minimalist, but they could reduce readability for some guests. Use contrast effectively and ensure your text is easy to read against your chosen background color.

With our color picker, you'll be able to test our different combos of gradients. Once you choose a combo, be sure to check out what your booking page actually looks like to ensure it's booking friendly!

If you want to skip the gradient and just want one branding color on your page, just use the same hex code for both values!

4. Pick a Relevant yet Non-Distracting Cover Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words, so choose your cover photo wisely. It should represent you and your service well without drawing attention away from your core offering. Keep it relevant, professional, and visually appealing.

With Dayslice, you have two different options for your cover banner - you can either upload your own or choose from Pexel, a database of beautiful stock imagery. In general, we recommend that most people use existing stock imagery because it is default high-quality and will fit well with most pages.

5. Offer an Introductory Call

A lower-priced or free introductory call can be a great way to attract new customers. It provides an opportunity for potential clients to experience your service without committing to a full-priced session.

To protect your own time, you can make your introductory calls shorter than your usual sessions. For example, if your usual sessions are 30 minutes, consider 15 minutes for an intro call. Or 30 minutes for an intro session if your usual sessions are an hour long. 

6. Create Session Packs with Different Price Points

Offering session packs at varying price points can cater to a wider range of customers. New guests might prefer booking a single session, while your regulars could be tempted by a discounted 10-pack deal.

If you decide to bulk discount, Dayslice will automatically add a "Best deal" token to your best priced pack! 

7. Experiment with Lower-Ticket Items

Consider adding ticketed events to your Dayslice page. These are sessions where multiple people can attend at a price lower than 1:1 sessions. It's a fantastic way to cater to a larger audience while still offering valuable content.

A free multi-participant dinner series that a Dayslice user is running for her customers

8. Go the Extra Mile with a Digital Good

If you're feeling ambitious, add a digital good to your page. This could be a lead magnet that attracts potential customers or a low-cost informational product that gives people a taste of your content. It's a subtle way of showcasing your expertise and building trust with your potential clients.

An example of a digital good that a music school using Dayslice is selling!

In summary, a well-crafted Dayslice page that's engaging, accessible, and reflects your brand can significantly improve your booking rate. Remember, the goal is to make it easy and appealing for potential clients to book a session with you. Happy Dayslicing!

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