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New Instagram Feature for Services Businesses

New Instagram Feature for Services Businesses

Did you know that you can now toggle between different feeds on Instagram? This is GREAT news for services businesses who run their businesses on Instagram, and we're going to explain why.

You can read the official announcement, but we'll explain this feature and how you can leverage its magic here:

How to Change Your Instagram Feed

The new Instagram feeds can be accessed by tapping the Instagram logo in the top left corner of the home page. Select which feed you're looking for, and toggle between them as you wish.

These are the three new feeds available to you:

  • Home - Your current feed
  • Following - The chronological feed
  • Favorites - A second chronological feed with content from a curated list of accounts

How to Boost Revenue with Instagram DMs

Using this new Instagram DM feature to boost revenue is easy, but there's 2 key understandings behind it's usefulness:

  1. The days of chasing followers are over - and if you're a solopreneur, you already know. It's all about the client and customer count, not the follower count. The great thing about that is that instead of needing 10,000 followers, you only need like 10 regular clients. Much more realistic, right?
  2. You need to be disciplined about how you use social media. Are you spending time on shopping and celebrity feeds, or are you scrolling through content related to your niche? Are you expecting your clients to discover and connect with you, or are you discovering and connecting with them? Your social media experience can be transformed just by changing how you approach it.

So with these 2 understandings, you should be following other people in your niche, and scrolling through their comment feeds to discover your ideal clients. Yes, imagine a world where you can hand-pick your own clients. That's what you can do on social media. Leave some comments and reply to their story, then see if they'll follow you back. Voila!

If you're following a group of potential clients, you can add them to your Favorites. This way, your work social media time can easily be separated from your chillin' time. You can also set a timer if you really want to be disciplined, and commit to spending a certain amount of time strictly in your work feed.

When you want to work on getting some clients, just toggle over to that Favorites feed and spend some time there. Leave comments, and respond to stories. Search through hashtags to find more potential clients and add them to Favorites.


The ability to toggle between different feeds is a game-changer if you use it right. Use your Favorites feed to build a feed of potential and actual clients, and set a timer to block chunks of time for engaging with it.

Dedicate a little time to prospecting and finding more people to add to your Favorites / Client feed. If you're getting stuck with how to find potential clients on Instagram, or which hashtags to prospect with, bo0k a call with Dayslice concierge, Shinal, who can give you some personalized pointers!