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Harnessing the Power of Customer Testimonials in Your Marketing Strategy

Harnessing the Power of Customer Testimonials in Your Marketing Strategy

In today's digital age, word-of-mouth has evolved. The power to influence is no longer just about face-to-face or over-the-fence conversations. It is online, it is immediate, and it can be shared with audiences large and small. At the heart of this new word-of-mouth is the customer testimonial. So, how can you harness this potent tool in your marketing strategy? Let's dive in.

What Are Customer Testimonials?

Customer testimonials are positive reviews and experiences that your satisfied customers share about your business. They are powerful tools that can build trust in your brand, influence decision-making, and foster brand loyalty.

Why Are Customer Testimonials Important?

Testimonials are essential because they provide social proof. When potential customers see that others have benefited from your service, it builds trust and confidence in your brand. In fact, according to a recent survey, 88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as personal recommendations.

How Can You Harness the Power of Testimonials in Your Marketing?

Collecting Testimonials:

The first step is to gather testimonials. Encourage your customers to share their experiences. The best time to collect feedback is after a service.

We know that sometimes it can feel awkward to collect testimonials, or, due to your busy schedule, that to-do simply slips through the cracks so we've automated the testimonial collection process for Dayslice users.

After each session, any customer who has not written a testimonial for you before, will be prompted (by email) to give a testimonial.

Displaying Testimonials:

Once you've collected testimonials, it's time to display them. But don't just stick them anywhere. They should be strategically placed where potential customers will see them (like your Dayslice booking page!), like your website's home page, on social media, or in marketing emails.

Dayslice makes it easy to display your testimonials by simply toggling them off and on, rather than having to painstakingly update the design and content of your booking page.

Using Testimonials in Marketing Content:

Testimonials can be woven into your marketing content. Incorporate them into blog posts, case studies, or videos. Not only does this provide social proof, but it also adds a touch of authenticity to your content.

We've made it easy to showcase your testimonials with your magic share. With one click, we'll automatically generate beautiful, social-ready imagery that incorporates your customer testimonials.

Responding to Testimonials:

Always respond to testimonials, whether they are positive or negative. For positive testimonials, express your appreciation and highlight the customer's experience. If the testimonial is negative, address the issue, apologize if necessary, and offer a solution. This shows that you value all customer feedback and are committed to improving your services.


Customer testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. They provide social proof, build brand trust, and influence consumer decisions. By collecting, displaying, and responding to testimonials, you can enhance your marketing strategy and ultimately, grow your business.

Remember, every customer interaction presents an opportunity for a testimonial. So, deliver exceptional service, encourage feedback, and let your customers' voices drive your brand's success!