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Dayslicer Spotlight: Kenny Rivera

Dayslicer Spotlight: Kenny Rivera

πŸ†• I'm excited to announce that we're kicking off a segment of our blog dedicated to our awesome, savvy, and inspiring customers. In each Dayslicer Spotlight, we'll interview a customer to learn more about their background, how they use Dayslice, and their advice to the community.

Kenny Rivera was interviewed by Ishita Arora, CEO of Dayslice.

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Kenny at a Glance

Name: Kenny Rivera
Niche: Mundane Astrology
Dayslice Link: dayslice.com/kennytheastrologer

🌊 The Deep Dive

Tell us about yourself and your background.
I am a psychic astrologer, tarot reader, & witch! I have been studying the occult for 4 years now & have dedicated my practice to empowering the marginalized through magick!

I have an activist background & in true Aquarius nature have always done my own thing. I am non binary, puerto rican, & use they/he pronouns.

What services do you offer on Dayslice and how did you get started?
I offer natal chart interpretations, q&a tarot readings, horary readings, & election dates!

People can often find it challenging to get their first paying customers. How did you get your first few?
I began to post on social media about being an astrologer/tarot reader & that I was offering readings for anyone interested. One of my old advisees from college was my first client who paid full price for an astrology/tarot combination service & it was through snapchat!

Snapchat! Who would have guessed?! I think it really goes to show that bookings on Dayslice often correlate with authentically connecting with your community and audience rather than sheer follower count.

If you could book an hour with anyone (dead or alive!) on Dayslice, who would it be and for what service?
This is so difficult to choose! First any of the early ancient astrologers like Ptolomey, Cato, & Albumasur to hear their take on my natal chart OR any of the current well-known astrologers like Chris Brennan, Kirah Tabourn, & Chani Nicholas!

I love the idea of going back in time to book services with astrologers who could have been offering services similar to the ones you offer today! Any parting wisdom for your fellow Dayslicers?
Have fun with your services! If your work begins to get too serious, it’s time to switch it up. It can be an easy road to burn out when you’re not 100% dedicated to your cause so always keep it fresh for your sake.

Great adviceβ€”it's mutually beneficial to Dayslicers and their customers. Thank you so much Kenny for taking the time to chat with me today and sharing more about your astrology business on Dayslice!

Check out Kenny's page πŸ‘‰πŸ½ https://dayslice.com/kennytheastrologer
A sneak peek of Kenny's Dayslice page